Tax Compliance Services

Tax Services

Singapore’s taxation environment and national budget change annually. To make sure you are in compliance with IRAS’s annual and quarterly income reporting regulations, while also benefiting from the various tax benefits and rebate schemes available for growing companies, it is very important that you work with an external accounting firm like Aspri Associates. Additionally, we can help your company directors and employees to submit their individual tax returns accurately, as well as IR21 tax clearance forms for exiting foreign professionals. We are also experienced in tax residency applications and voluntary/compulsory GST registration.

Our team of qualified accountants and audit executives can assist you in the following areas of tax computation and reporting:

Corporate Tax Return Package - Company

  • Preparation of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) form;
  • Preparation of Company’s Tax Computation schedule and Form C/C-S;
  • Submission of Form C/C-S to IRAS

Corporate Tax Return Package - Business/Sole Proprietor/LLP/Partnership

  • Preparation of Business’s Tax Computation schedule and Form B or Form P;
  • Submission of Form B or Form P to IRAS.

Quarterly Goods and Services Tax (GST) Reporting Packages

  • Assistance in applying for voluntary GST registration or *compulsory GST registration;
  • Preparation of quarterly GST statements;
  • Submission of quarterly GST declaration form to IRAS.

Once your Company’s turnover reaches S$ 1 million in a specific financial year/ period, the Company must register for GST or apply for exemption (if applicable).

Ad Hoc Corporate Tax Matters

  • Application for Certificate of Tax Residency (COR)
  • Computation and submission of Withholding Tax for payment made to non-resident individual or corporation (under Section 45)

Individual Tax Return

Many taxpayers – especially those who are self-employed, company directors, and property owners – think that the completion of the annual self-assessment tax return is straight forward and routine. Actually, it may not be as simple and predictable as you think. Not only could you be missing out on a number of individual tax reliefs available to help you reduce the amount of tax payable, you might also run the risk of classifying your “benefits in kind”, allowances and rental income incorrectly – resulting in errors (and penalties) and/or unnecessary additional tax to pay.

With working knowledge of Singapore’s tax legislation, Aspri Associates can help you to assess your eligibility for tax reliefs and to complete your tax return with reassuring accuracy. We can assist in completing tax returns for the following individuals and scenarios:

  • Income Tax Return for Local Directors and employees, business owners;
  • Income Tax Return for Foreign directors and/or employees or Singaporeans/PRs on foreign assignments;
  • Manual completion of IR8A forms (employee salary/earnings statement under Company), or application for auto inclusion scheme with IRAS;
  • (Ad hoc) – Tax clearance for foreigners (ex-resident employees/salaried directors), being the completion and submission of Form IR21; and
  • (Ad hoc) – Computation and submission of Withholding Tax for payment made to non-resident individual (under Section 45)